SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS ? – Human Sacrifice and Execution in Iron Age Europe

UD: May 2019


Some of the most fascinating archaeological discoveries in recent years have come from the Bronze and Iron Age site at Cliffs End Farm on the Isle of Thanet (Kent), in south-eastern England. Of the wealth of material uncovered at the site most enigmatic is pit #3666, which tells a tale of bizarre ritual practices and human sacrifice…


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3 thoughts on “SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS ? – Human Sacrifice and Execution in Iron Age Europe

  1. Hello, I’m Heather Awen, editor of Steel Bars, Sacred Waters: Celtic Paganism for Prisoners. 1% of Americans are in prison and 10% of them are Pagan. But there’s almost nothing written for them. That is 1 in 1000 Americans, and the groups teaching “Paganism” are fascist groups inviting violence based on the nonsense of “ethnic identity.” One of the big motives with this book is to show how the Celtic language cultures reached from Portugal to the Black Sea, how they intermingled with different cultures creating variations in art, architecture, etc. That Celtic cultures contained most Europeans and even some North Africans and Near Eastern people. They shared deities with the Germans, Romans and Greeks including the Greek version of the cult of Isis.

    You have amazing images here without information about who owns them. Are any Public Domain? Having something from the eastern Celtic world included in the lots of art would be wonderful! I am aware a lot are being discovered now because of people with metal detectors. Do you own the rights to the art here? Are they Public Domain since there’s no credit? Having visual proof of Celtic settlements included in the book would do a lot to stop these gangs pretending to be religion. Because prison is visually underwhelming filling the book with images is a top priority. The art coordinator has been able to make a lot of things work.

    I’m losing over $1300 on this and the book will be sold to people incarcerated (including nursing homes, group homes) at the same cost as it is to me. Any money from people who buy it retail goes to buying and shipping copies to different prison libraries, especially in states where Pagans aren’t allowed to gather. Also Prison Books (they send free donated books to people in prison) want 10 copies in the warehouse so it’ll be the first book sent to people requesting Pagan books because it’s written to be done even in solitary confinement with only paper and water. So it’s an “always in the red” project. I did this from bed – I have severe Lyme disease and babesiosis parasites (malaria) so I’m really sick. But with so many people locked up, 80% for drugs and mostly for possession, working sewing military uniforms for 12 cents per hour so 4 hours = a stamp, plus they have to buy soap, food, the highest rate email and phone cards, paper, glasses to read, clothing and shoes, shampoo, lotion (necessary with diabetes), and 40% of the woman are disabled and need to often hire another person to cell their cell and up to 40% have ADD, and the prison store prices are 35% higher than on the outside, providing free or inexpensive high quality information about the Celtic peoples is really important to me. 27% of American kids have a parent in prison. Only North Korea has more of its population imprisoned. The charges that in the UK would be six months jail are 5 years in the US. The 12 step program is all that is offered for addiction and most are very Born Again Christian but the book has a Celtic essay about being in the program as a Celtic Pagan.

    We’re putting it together now and it may be about 500 pages. But it’s not too late to add more images! If you can help or know who can please email me. Your blog is a huge gift!

    Thank you so much. My email for the Press is

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