Ritual Deposition of Celtic Weapons in the Ljubljanica River (Slovenia)

Fascinating article by Andrej Gaspari, University of Ljubljana, on the ritual deposition of Celtic weapons in the Ljubljanica River:



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3 thoughts on “Ritual Deposition of Celtic Weapons in the Ljubljanica River (Slovenia)

  1. I’ve often wondered about ritual deposition. We associate this very much with Ireland and Britain and it’s certainly found in Western Europe (and as far away as Slovenia) but is it Indo-European, or is it just Celtic, or is it Celtic and Teutonic? Is it found on the steppes, or in India, or did certain branches of the Indo-European-speaking peoples pick it up somewhere on the way west? If you have any knowledge of or thoughts on these questions, I would be very interested to hear about them.

    1. Well I don’t think we can call it ‘Çeltic’ as it is recorded from the neolithic onwards. Indeed, in the Ljubljanica River the custom is observed at the same spots from the neolithic right through to the early modern period. Where or when it all started is unclear.

  2. I don’t know much about the subject, but I thought there was evidence of the custom from Neolithic times, as you have confirmed. So it seems that the custom, which is so strong an element in the Celtic cultures of western Europe, is probably one they adopted from the cultures they found here when they moved west. Very interesting articles. Go raibh céad mile maith agat!

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