AN TRÍBHÍS MHÓR – The Great Triple Spiral


“And it is well known that Plato is found perpetually celebrating the barbarians,  remembering that both himself and Pythagoras learned the most and the noblest of their dogmas among the barbarians”.
(Clement of Alexandria: The Stromata. Book 1:XV)
Common to many Indo-European cultures, the triskelion/triskele is one of the most distinctive and common motifs in Iron Age Celtic art, both as a symbol in itself, and forming the geometric basis for numerous artistic compositions…
























































3 thoughts on “AN TRÍBHÍS MHÓR – The Great Triple Spiral

  1. Interesting material but the title is wrong. In Modern Irish the word triscéil is used for the triskelion. There’s nothing wrong with using tríbhís (=three spirals) but it would be AN TRÍBHÍS MHÓR because of what’s known as the DeNTaLS rule. You don’t aspirate in many circumstances where the DeNTaLS letters come together, as here. Also the accent is always acute in Irish, always grave in Scottish Gaelic, so the mixture here just looks wrong.

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