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While not directly connected to the core theme of this site, over the past few months a large number of artifacts pertaining to other ancient cultures have been brought to the attention of Balkancelts. These unique objects have been discovered by ‘treasure hunters’, mostly, but not exclusively, in the Republic of Bulgaria, where this phenomenon has reached epidemic proportions.

 A combination of pleading and ‘subtle blackmail’ has enabled us to photograph some of these ancient artifacts, and it has been decided to publish them periodically on this site, so that they may be thus recorded before they are sold into private hands, and disappear forever.



This first installment presents a number of ancient Hellenistic and Roman mirrors recently discovered by ‘collectors’ in the area of Plovdiv/ ancient Philippopolis in south-central Bulgaria.

M1 a

Mirror P1

M. 1 rev.

Mirror P1 reverse

Mirror P1 inscript det

Mirror P1 reverse/inscription detail

M2 a

Mirror P2


Mirror P2 reverse


Mirror P 3


Mirror P3 reverse

m 4a

Mirror P4


Mirror P4 reverse

M4b detail

Mirror P4 reverse/detail

Any information / expert opinion on these artifacts (or information on other such unpublished artifacts) would be much appreciated. All correspondence will be treated in the strictest confidence.

 Contact: Balkancelts@gmail.com