HEART OF THRACE – The Celts in Central Bulgaria

UD: December 2018

The recent publication of results from large-scale excavations in sub-Balkan Thrace marks an important step forward in Bulgarian archaeology, and has finally provided us with objective scientific data on the geo-political status quo and ethnic composition in this part of Europe in the late Iron Age. These extensive excavations, carried out at a number of sites in Central Bulgaria, especially in the Chirpan Heights area, has yielded material that has prompted local archaeologists to finally conclude that in the late Iron Age “this region was in fact inhabited by a Celtic (Celto-Thracian) population” (Tonkova et al 2011 = Трако-римски династичен център в районна Чирпанските възвишения Тонкова M. (ed.) София, 2011).





4 thoughts on “HEART OF THRACE – The Celts in Central Bulgaria

  1. Coment ” the Thraco-Macedonian ruler Seuthes III ”
    True scientists are very careful when writing ancient name. Correct is not ” SEUTHES “.Correct is “SEUTHA “. What does that word mean is the Celtic language? Nothing.
    In roumanian and aromanian language mean : ” SEU ” is “fat from sheep” and SEUTHA is a fat man ,rich man. Conclusions. SEUTSA IS ONLY TRAKIANS same DACIANS.

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